Identity (Race & Gender) – ‘Resident Evil 5’ and the racism debate Part 2

Many ridiculous things have been stated in these blogs and to be honest if you knew the game history and storyline, you wouldn’t think it was racist. This is just one of the many silly things is this: “After all, in RE4, you spend the game shooting equally out-of-their-mind Spaniards. But, then, the Spanish haven’t been so egregiously misrepresented as blacks through the ages, have they? Not even close.” This blogger apparently thinks it’s perfectly fine to kill ‘zombie’ Spaniards because they haven’t had it that bad in the press. Isn’t this a form of racism in itself? Spanish people haven’t had it as bad as African people have?

The British Board of Film Classification deemed ‘Resident Evil 5’ not to be racist. The head of communications, Sue Clark commented, “We do take racism very seriously, but in this case there is no issue around racism.”

‘Resident Evil 5’ went on to sell over 5.3 million copies worldwide since launch and is the best-selling ‘Resident Evil’ game in the series.

Some Blog entries defending ‘Resident Evil 5’ and wondering where the racial anger came from are:





Some Blog entries against ‘Resident Evil 5’ and condemning such supposed racism are:



There would be more but it seems that most of these blog entries were deleted as when attempting to visit them the page reads ‘Page not found’.


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