Stina Persson

a watercolour by Stina Persson

Most people have probably come across Swedish illustrator Stina Persson’s work even if they hadn’t realized it as her work has been commissioned by many well-known companies such as ‘Sony Music’, ‘Coca Cola’, ‘Atlantic Records’, and the department store ‘Macy’s’.

Persson’s educational background took her all over the word, from taking fine art and fashion in Italy,  to taking illustration in New York and is now based in Sweden doing freelance work.

Her works have been described as “elegant and feminine” by her American manager, which is true even though her work is ‘messy’ it holds a certain elegance to it, which would explain why so many women’s magazines; like ‘Elle’ commission her work.

With her work itself she uses a variety of different materials, ink, watercolours, paper cutting, acrylic and using photographs. Her work generally follows the same ‘accidental’ style as if her materials have been knocked over and these artworks have been made by chance.

Stina herself has described work today as “much too slick today”, even her own work is cleaned digitally to match the desired commission idea. For a solo show at Gallery Hanahou called ‘Perfectly Flawed’ Stina created works that weren’t ‘tutched up’ digitally and all the mistakes where on show. Persson stated herself that “After a while you begin to censor yourself, so it’s good for me to do art like this”.

You can read her blog and see her work at:

Quotes taken from a review of the ‘Perfectly Flawed’ show:


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