John Stezaker

Marriage (Film Portrait Collage) XLV by John Stezaker

John Stezaker is an English conceptual artist who specializes in collage. Stezaker attended London’s Slade School of Art and he has had over 24 exhibitions and shows during his career.

His works are generally portraits or profile pictures made out of famous people’s publicity photos or pictures from books, postcards, screenshots from films, and magazines, Stezaker splices these images together to form almost a whole new person. This style is very striking and also quite unnerving as he has pieced his works together in such a way that at first glance they almost look like an ordinary person’s profile picture.

His works have not been limited to just making human faces out of other human faces, he has also used various landscapes and other found images that he has layered over a portrait photograph and somehow you can make out an almost human face. These surreal images; both the ones using just people and the ones incorporating landscapes are truly unsettling as they are almost something out of ‘Frankenstein’ and the landscape collages are even creepier.

His works are also aided by the human brain’s need to make things match and oddly enough, recognize faces out of vague patterns (which is why there are many people who claim they have seen Jesus on toast or in dry mould).

Visit his Saatchi Gallery profile at:


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