Jun Mochizuki

Cover 14 of 'Pandora Hearts'

Kicking off her professional manga career when she was only a student, Japanese manga writer and illustrator Jun Mochizuki got into the manga profession in 2005 with her debut manga ‘Crimson Shell’.

In 2006 Mochizuki’s manga work ‘Pandora Hearts’ was published. This ongoing manga that has a clever intricate plot line and its characters (both protagonists and antagonists) are heavily based on dark sometimes-twisted versions of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and ‘Looking Glass’ characters. This manga series is ongoing and also was popular enough to warrant an anime adaptation of the first Volume, Chap 1 and ending on Volume 8, Chap 32.

Her artwork consists of  “crisp, clean illustrations” where the “Facial expressions reveal every emotion the characters are feeling”. This I can agree with as a fan of ‘Pandora Hearts’ because when the characters are angry or hurt, you can feel it through the illustrations; it can be truly heart wrenching.

At the moment Mochizuki is working both on ‘Pandora Hearts’ and ‘Boukyaku no Haou’ although she only works on the art and not the story for ‘Boukyaku no Haou’.

You can look up Mochizuki’s work at: http://myanimelist.net/people/3483/Jun_Mochizuki

You can read her blog online here: http://3choume.blog78.fc2.com/

(Although, like Yana Toboso’s blog, it is in Japanese, and Google translate isn’t the best but it’s really one of the only options)

And you can read the review for ‘Crimson Shell’ that I quoted from here: http://www.mangamaniaccafe.com/?p=3596


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